• What is HLS Streaming? When Should You Use It?

    Table of Contents What is HLS? How HLS Works? When Should We Use HLS? A few years earlier, uploading videos and streaming them online used to be a tedious job and rarely even today due to the lack of high-speed data coverage. In a scenario where programs are available to consumers within a fraction of […]

  • LAVIO Launches Video On Rank Services – Entertainment On Demand

    LAVIO – a leading OTT platform that aims for the entertainment of the people and it has perceived much with the market demand. Lavio is trying its best to stream and deliver the best video content, to let people relax and enjoy. Furthermore, with the categorization according to languages and shows, search options, and other […]

  • Lavio Text Forum: Innovative and Interactive online chat on the OTT Platform.

    Good communication begins with a connection. – Orphan Winfrey Lavio is the most trusted OTT platform that is a source for streaming services like Live Streaming, Audio-Video-Image upload, Video-on-Demand, Video-on-Rank, Survey or Opinion polls

  • Lavio, An online exhibit platform to showcase exceptional talent!!

    “Concealed talent brings no reputation” — Desiderius Erasmus The Internet’s exponential growth and emerging OTT technologies have unlocked entirely new paradigms for media delivery. Lavio is one of its kind of OTT platforms offering live streaming, video-on-demand, Video-on-Rank, music, and other features. Video, Audio, and Image upload being one of them.  Are you a talent […]

  • Low Latency Technology: A mile ahead

    What is Video Latency? Its Significance in Live Streaming! Intro With the boom of OTT platforms, live video delivery is becoming increasingly more popular and competitive. Most of the consumers are willing to watch live events through their video streaming services. Be it watching sports tournaments or any product launch events or virtual conferences, webinars, etc. […]

  • Adaptive Bit Rate: ABR

    According to various statistics about the increase in viewership of online video platforms, it is believed that 70% of the younger generation have subscribed to some of the best OTT platforms in the world. And they are enjoying watching videos or listening to audio content. But, what if the quality of video content is low? […]

  • The Past, Present And Future Of Streaming

    Technology and innovation has transformed the aspect of Media and Entertainment Industry. Today consumer’s are streaming online at there convenience anywhere and anytime ! The growing popularity of watching online content has completely transformed the entertainment services. OTT has changed the medium of broadcasting services in Media and Entertainment Industry. OTT platform has made entertainment […]

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