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Lavio is the OTT platform that has purpose-built to offer the best online video streaming and provides access to the best collection ofmovies, short movies, documentary, TV shows, music, web series, large set of knowledgeable mini-programs, and other entertainment both subscription and free/freemium based modes.

Lavio OTT platform is home to a collection of unique content including Hollywood, Bollywood, as well as Indian regional movies. A very well-organizedcontent gives you the best of entertainment with the transparent subscription model. Enjoy the genre of your choice including action, comedy, romance, thriller, science fiction, and horror.

Lavio is the best OTT platform for movie lovers that facilitates the safest and easiest access to watch movies online. Our user-friendly interface on the platform gives easy access to the content on multiple internet-connected devices.

Lavio music ensures the best audio quality, ease of use, music discovery features, and affordable pricing. The music streaming service that best-fits your needs. Lavio platform is built on the latest ABR technology which gives a user buffer-free entertainment. Letting users enjoy the shows irrespective of the fluctuating internet speeds. In addition to this users can watch their shows on multiple devices including web, mobile, smart tv’s and streaming devices at their convenience. Lavio provides a top-notch viewing experience with the best video quality resolutions up to UHD/4k quality on your favorite supported devices.

Interested in Movie details? For all the streaming movies users can get information on the description page where you know about movie details like actors info, director, year of release, duration, genre, and other information. And an x-ray view which will take you to the online page for details of the characters of the movie.

Browsing movies on Lavio is a hassle-free experience. Lavio's layout is clean and minimalistic with emphasis placed on the best relevant items. Let's the user watch top-rated ott movies of their choice by searching, to cut the chase of finding the intended one in the given list. Watch the trailer to get the gist of the movie. Search the movies you wish to watch through the conventional searchfrom the menu or you can go to elastic search by giving your minimum set of parameters like partial title name and select from the drop-down menu. Along with categorizing the movies based on genre and language, the user gets to see the display of the popular and added-recently section.

Lavio stands out as the new-generation movie streaming platform with great design, easy-to-navigate along with multiple features. It's another best and heartwarming OTT platform for online movie streaming enriched with a rich set of movie releases and originals. A phenomenal site that assures film lovers like you to get delighted with.

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