Welcome to Lavio Streaming!!

Lavio Streaming is an entertainment platform aiming to delight users from the Indian sub-continent in English and many Indian regional languages.

Our Convivial multi-service platform intends to provide seamless and dynamic entertainment with enjoyment and knowledge gain. The platform built with the latest video streaming technology ensures a high-quality viewing experience. This versatile platform opts you in to relax and enjoy the movies and shows, be gregarious, exhibit talent, place requests to watch the favorites, go-live, and more. Lavio Platform supports contemporary devices and the elaborate features make the access very simple and user-friendly.

Lavio is a unique multi-services platform

  • Watch Movies, Music, and Mini-programs.
  • Lavio Docupedia: Watch several interesting documentaries like Current Affairs, Geographic or Historic relevance, Environmental Science, Influential person or a Celebrity, including Music or Music artists, and similar other topics or subjects

  • Lavio web series: Look out for nail-biting stories or incidents based on real facts,  travel, or culture, entertainment, or excitement, all in one place

Experience the delight of watching the movies and shows on your favorite devices anytime, anywhere.

Watch It Like You Own It!

Watch the ad-free programs or just one-10 secs-break programs, documentaries, web series, and mini-programs in English and Indian languages which will be refreshed periodically. Experience the 4k/UHD quality buffer-free content with HDR and Dolby support.

Lavio Show: Various short programs of the different genres will be presented over Lavio Show

Have a talent? Lavio provides a secure platform to exhibit legitimate and authorized talent by uploading videos, audios, or even images over the Lavio program named eZone. This may include Singing, Dancing, Painting, Culinary, Travel and Adventures, Self-comedy clips, Technology and Scientific, shoots based on Natural Habitat, Yoga, Sports, Instrument(‘s) Play, Magic shows, and many more. And all this will be available to users on Lavio Show.

Lavio Bubbles: Text Chatting, Enjoy Text chatting with Lavio subscribed users, create a room with a topic of choice, or join the existing room.

Lavio WishList: Video on Rank, place a request to play the movies/shows of your choice.

Lavio Go Live! Live stream your events and shows securely on the Lavio Platform. Live Streaming is available to all the registered users as well on Go Live!

And not only this! Participate in Lavio MatchPoint to express your opinion. And not only this! We also have an interesting space for users called the opinion poll; the admin raises a statement in the interest of the registered users and uses such opinion for the benefit of the user, people, and society at large. Also, the user can raise a request with the admin to conduct a poll on a certain statement given by the user.

Experience and Enjoy the unique, vibrant, interactive, and lively platform.

Subscriptions to start soon!!

The way of the features... Watch It like You Own It!