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  • January 19th, 2021
  • Good communication begins with a connection. – Orphan Winfrey

    Lavio is the most trusted OTT platform that is a source for streaming services like Live Streaming, Audio-Video-Image upload, Video-on-Demand, Video-on-Rank, Survey or Opinion polls, and last but not least is Text Forum. Lavio platform is equipped and energized with unlimited entertainment like movies, animation, TV shows, web series, originals, etc. Our OTT streaming solutions are capable of providing a great end-to-end experience for all types of audiences. We ensure the highest quality of viewing experience in terms of video quality, access to content, unique shows, advanced features, coupled with affordable prices and ease of use.

    Lavio is delighted to provide multiple user-friendly services, one of which is the Text Forum- An online chatting platform; to communicate, discuss, share your views on the topics of your choice. Text forum is a discussion forum, and a Lavio user can communicate online with other Lavio users.  

    Text Forum provides the facility to the subscribed users to create a topic and initiate discussion of her/ his interest whilst following all the rules and guidelines. Once a topic is created by the user, a chat room appears. This chat room will be visible to other subscribed users. Any subscribed user based on their interest can join this room to chat. In this way, the users can create any topic or join any discussion by their choice. And any number of subscribed users can join this chat. The room will be kept alive and available by the Lavio Admin. The Admin has all the rights to delete the chat room provided it is not following the guidelines. 

    Ease of use and Device Support: 

    Text Forum is accessible on all the Lavio Supported devices. 

    Users are provided with a very user-friendly platform with ease of use in creating, editing, and searching the topics. The forum is available on the browser that may be compatible with any device, and apart from that, it is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPad/ tablets. The forum presented on the browser is best viewed on the full screen giving the clarity and convenience to read, send, and receive messages. On mobile devices, this feature is handy to review or do things that were predetermined. Also, the users have the facility to add emoticons or emoji’s from the list available. And not only that, but the users can load images of their choice to exemplify something.

    The text forum over Lavio will be secure and easy because it is a publicly available exclusive forum to discuss anything related to the media and entertainment industry or the current affairs or any area of interest that may generate and share knowledgeable information.

    On the text forum, even a registered user can post a topic for discussion by requesting with Lavio Admin. And such discussion could remain overboard the forum at a predetermined time and that can be controlled by the Lavio Admin.

    Online chat has always been an easy, flexible, and convenient mode of communication. Share your views, open-up your thoughts, get feedback, raise your knowledge, make friends, and much more through Text Forum. Get Subscribed and avail of the facility!!

    For more details on the features of Lavio, you may visit our FAQ page that will soon be available on the website.

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