LAVIO Launches Video On Rank Services – Entertainment On Demand

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  • January 21st, 2021
  • LAVIO – a leading OTT platform that aims for the entertainment of the people and it has perceived much with the market demand. Lavio is trying its best to stream and deliver the best video content, to let people relax and enjoy. Furthermore, with the categorization according to languages and shows, search options, and other features, one can experience a user-friendly interface on the Lavio OTT platform. Users can leverage and enjoy viewing their favorite video content at their feasible time and place on the Lavio OTT platform. Besides, Lavio along with supporting multiple devices also supports smart TV’s allowing the user to experience a fabulous time with their family by enjoying their favorite shows on a big screen. 

    Along with this, Lavio is providing a unique VOR service to let the user enjoy the contents of their choice. Watching a movie in the theater is certainly one of the best forms of enjoying the movie. However, you may not have enough time or the flexibility to watch or make up for the theatres and missed watching. Sometimes, you could be desiring to watch an old movie out of your memories, could be a  web series, show, or a documentary which you wish to watch. In that case, Video On Rank (VOR) Services from Lavio will be right there for you.

    What is Video-On-Rank (VoR)?
    Video On Rank (VOR) is defined as “the streaming the users choice videos with high-demand for audience entertainment”. Alike Video-On-Demand (VOD), Video-On-Rank (VOR) gives you the flexibility to watch your favorite video content at your feasible time and place. It allows users to place a request for streaming of particular content [ movies, web series documentaries, short movies ] which they wish to watch on the Lavio platform. Lavio will release the content based on the availability, demand, and term and conditions on the Lavio platform. So, avail Video-on-Rank (VoR) services by signing up on our Lavio OTT platform.

    How Video On Rank (VoR) Works?
    To entertain the Lavio family with videos of their interest, here we are launching a new service called Video on Rank (VOR). Therefore, to avail amazing Video-on-Rank (VoR) service, let’s get into the detail on how it works on our OTT platform.

    All the subscribed user’s on the Lavio platform can raise requests every week to stream one’s favorite video content (movie, shows, web series, docupedia) with the VoR page option available on the user interface.  Also, the users can choose by selecting from the catalogue provided and available over the Lavio portal.
    Likewise, over the OTT platform – Lavio admin will receive several requests over a week. These requests are enlisted every week with respect to the programs chosen by several users.

    Furthermore, for categorizing all the requests related to movies, shows, web series, Lavio will release the high-demand program content subject to availability. You can enjoy viewing it any time and at any place.
    This process continues week by week, and thus, Lavio will be releasing high-demand video content for the audience periodically.
    Progressively depending on the demand and availability, Lavio may release such programs by the succeeding week itself. Is that not exciting!

    Features of Video-on-Rank (VOR) Services: –
    This feature is Lavio’s invention and can create wonders! Only with the user’s synergy.
    To be straight, the higher the number of users, the more fun and entertainment everyone can have. You can have these fun and entertainment more earlier. And you give us this opportunity so that we can serve you better.
    Frankly, this platform is; of the users, by the users, and for the users.
    How can you realize your expectations?
    You have umpteen choices like;
    From the weekly VoR listed report, you can either change and choose what is in higher demand so that you can bring it in the menu list, or,
    You can create or join a group on Lavio’s text forum, and grow your strength and decide what you want.
    With a goal and vision to deliver a limitless viewing experience and video content of exclusively users choice to the subscribed users, Lavio has decided to provide Video-on-Rank (VoR) services.

    Some amazing features of VoR include:
    5 Request Options:
    Do you think we’ll stop you with one request per week? No
    Lavio offers you the flexibility of 5 request options per week. That means each subscribed user from Lavio can send five requests for programs per week, and each may be for different movies, shows, web series, or any other type of video content that may be available.
    To be able to give such opportunity or prioritize the demands, Lavio has made conditions on the choice of programs the user can enlist;
    The user can choose to enlist a maximum of 3 movies and a maximum of two that can include either docupedia or video music content or web-series.

    Release Update:
    When a user send’s the requests through the VoR request page, Lavio, based on the demand and availability will release the video on the Lavio platform periodically. Once such a program is released, the content will be available on the Lavio platform for a certain period. This gives the flexibility to the user to watch one’s preferred video content at any time and anywhere.

    Better Viewing Experience:
    This video will be available on all the devices supported by the Lavio OTT Platform.
    As a subscribed user you can avoid paying “Pay per view” and experience and enjoy your favorite program of your choice at the best quality based on your device and internet connectivity at any time anywhere.

    The way of the features... Watch It like You Own It!