Lavio, An online exhibit platform to showcase exceptional talent!!

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  • January 18th, 2021
  • “Concealed talent brings no reputation” — Desiderius Erasmus

    The Internet’s exponential growth and emerging OTT technologies have unlocked entirely new paradigms for media delivery. Lavio is one of its kind of OTT platforms offering live streaming, video-on-demand, Video-on-Rank, music, and other features. Video, Audio, and Image upload being one of them. 

    Are you a talent wizard?
    Or, got a talent that you want to showcase?
    Or, want to build career using your talent?
    Or You wish to share interesting educational sessions like the magic of science?

    Lavio is the next-generation OTT streaming platform facilitating safe and secure video, audio and Image upload by the Lavio subscribed users and this can be available to watch for Lavio subscribed users. And also, these contents can be made available to watch for Lavio registered users as well.
    “Lavio Video Upload” is your own branded platform to showcase clean and decent video. Subscribed Users can display their pre-recorded art and talent on Lavio platform in form of video, Audio, or Image file which can be accessed and watched by the Lavio subscribed audience over all the Lavio supported devices including web, mobile, and smart TVs, with the high-end viewing experience. 

    What kind of video can a user upload?
    Users can upload decent and clean short videos exhibiting singing, dancing, play on a musical instrument, cooking, painting, acting, magic tricks, comedy, fun, entertainment videos, art and craft and a lot more.

    Cooking-Exhibit your culinary skills 
    Food is part of everyday life and people love to watch and experiment with any new cooking skill. Lavio aids to showcase their culinary skills, including cooking tutorials that may include tips, new recipes, and dietary tips, or any form of food and cooking-related videos that can benefit the audience.

    Fun & Entertainment—-orchestrated humor 
    Fun & Entertainment videos are entertaining at the same time refreshing. They are the most-preferred and even most-viewed videos over the internet. Provide fun and entertainment videos by making funny clips that are clean and safe at their content.

    Comedy/Skit videos 
    Laughter is the best medicine! People love to enjoy and laugh, as per the research, comedy videos are one of the most-likely video formats to get viral. If you have this skill, display it to the Lavio audience

    Singing and dancing  
    Users can upload a pre-recorded video of their awesome singing and dancing skills on Lavio. Let it be discovered and appraised for your best singing or dancing skills.

    Talent wizard: Magic Skills 
    Magic videos are viral success. Delight and grab the attention of young and adults by sharing your magic tricks and the useful magic skills that you possess. Upload performing videos of your tricks, magic skills, sleights, and moves.  
    Lavio’s Video, Audio, and Image upload is the best platform for thoughtful, skillful, and creative content creators who are interested to demonstrate, display their art and talent. It is an online media platform that brings the creators and audiences with exclusive & interesting features none like before. Use our versatile OTT platform to exhibit your valuable creations with the best-in-class OTT/VOD technologies in a seamless manner.
    Get subscribed and upload your talent, start to reach an audience, and feel accomplished!!
    For further details please reach our FAQ page on video upload.

    The way of the features... Watch It like You Own It!