The Past, Present and Future of Streaming

Technology and innovation has transformed the aspect of Media and Entertainment Industry. Today consumer's are streaming online at there convenience anywhere and anytime !

The growing popularity of watching online content has completely transformed the entertainment services. OTT has changed the medium of broadcasting services in Media and Entertainment Industry. OTT platform has made entertainment more convenient, accessible and affordable to users. This has led to adoption of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. If you have a mobile device and internet connection, you can access any program from anywhere. Or you can also download the content and watch it offline later. OTT players deliver multimedia content to consumers with unlimited access to entertainment. The content is stream able on any device, any where and any time.

The OTT service providers are offering entertainment with a sizable catalogue. This catalogue comprises of diverse content in as many languages for growing audience. Statistics reveal that there is a huge inclination in people willing to opt for OTT platform. And it is clear that the OTT platform will become the future of the entertainment industry in India. The pandemic series of lock-down has resulted in shutting down of multiplex and malls. This led the audience seek interesting content derived and presented by OTT platform.

OTT has delivered content that is on demand as well as all-genre content. This content is affordable and flexible to watch and enjoy in any format. Lavio is bringing in a new feature called Video on Rank which allows user to request any program. Lavio will provide that program depending on ranking of program requested. The ranking of the program depends on availability and demand.

The OTT concept has achieved more attention during the pandemic. People are sharing online opinion about the OTT services. Also people are willing to be a part of it by the participating in online forums.

There is an overwhelming response from the audience. It is time for the service providers to establish a protocol and regularize the service. OTT service providers should share right information with customers like content quality. They should inform about other features like parental control, content rating, etc.,

  • The demand for quality content is urging a common person to access OTT platforms.
  • Watching programs online has become affordable. And media platforms like Amazon prime, YouTube are rising to this occasion.
  • More cinemas will hit the OTT platforms after their initial releases in theaters.
  • India’s OTT industry is growing year by year. And its contribution will soon boost the Media and Entertainment industry.

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