About Over the Top Solution: The formula of OTT platform

In this internet revolution, a stable and high-speed internet is no longer a dream in India. This is paving the way for online services to reach the new heights. OTT is one of them. Its growing popularity is outplaying the traditional methods of services.

OTT stands for Over The Top. It is a vast online streaming platform and an umbrella to many services. They are VoD (video-on-demand), AoD (audio-on-demand), Messaging services, Live streaming and similar services. OTT offers many advantages and flexibility for the users over the traditional methods.

A traditional method limits the user to watch scheduled television programs. OTT opens up opportunities with ease of access to huge collection of contents. Those Contents are of different genre and a click away. Users can watch contents of different languages. They can benefit with different features like parental guidance, wishlist and search option. Even the player has features like rewind/ forward/ pause for user-convenience. So you can Watch It Like You Own It !

OTT helps users to access the content anytime, anywhere and almost any device. Also OTT features help users with download option so you can watch it later offline as many times. OTT streaming solution provides services on browser based devices like laptop or desktop. It also offers services on apps based devices like smart phones or tablets/ ipad and smart TV as well. And it does not stop here; OTT services are available on various devices such as Gaming consoles, many C TV. C TV means device that support television like set top box/ firestick/ chromecast/ Roku. OTT works on improvised technologies and they are the backbone of OTT. They are low latency, ABR, HDR, HiRes, UHD, Dolby, transcoding, encryption and many more. They provide the user with consistent and high quality streaming of content. And this whole mechanism involves CDN deployment to help this service reach the user.

The user must own a good device and internet connection to enjoy best viewing experience. For example imagine viewing a content with UHD quality (4K video). The user device should have better resolution and processor. And also good internet connectivity to be able to stream and enjoy 4k quality picture.

The way of the features... Watch It like You Own It!